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never run short
on cash.
no credit check.
no interest.

the end of overdraft.

klover is the first platform to give you access to your wages early. with innovative tools to help you stay financially stable and protect you from expensive loans and overdraft fees. sign-up is simple and does not require complicated paperwork or credit checks.

how klover works

become a member in seconds

simply tell us a little about you, link your bank account, and when you get paid.  we will never check your credit.


instant activation

no more waiting. once your complete the membership check-list, you can activate your membership right away!


fast access to cash and tools

your membership gives you tools to improve your financial wellness and access cash whenever you need it.  no questions asked.  membership has its privileges again.


i no longer have to wait
till payday to access my
cash again

scott hemmler,

get access to your paycheck in real time


average interest paid per payday loan borrower per year

$34 billion

money banks made on
overdraft fees in 2017


typical fee for overdraft
on each transaction

get paid on the go

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